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Who are we?


Following Sophia Antipolis - Côte d'Azur's obtaining the Interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence (3IA) label, some major local companies have decided to found the Industrial Research Council for Artificial Intelligence (ICAIR) on June 2019.


This Council was designed so that researchers working in industrial contexts, although different, can discuss and exchange views on common issues related to the use of AI in their respective industries.


ICAIR members are companies with sites on the French Riviera (mainly Sophia Antipolis) hosting research laboratories or a significant number of researchers in artificial intelligence.


To join ICAIR, as the name suggests, you have to be a company with local representation, hosting researchers in artificial intelligence, working on industrial issues and ready to exchange with peers. Membership is validated unanimously by the other members.

Who are we?

Meet - Share - Collaborate 


Our focus

The research topics in an industrial context are quite different from the ones explored in academic research laboratories.


Actually they are not subject to the same constraints (timeline, results, loads in production, testing, etc.).


For this, we wish to favor discussions between researchers working within those companies.


Our activities

• Sharing opinions and experiences on important subjects related to AI

• Identifying the technical and organizational challenges arising from this usage, comparing existing technics and the opportunities offered by these new tools


• Identifying new uses of AI among researchers


• Contributing to strengthening the expertise of companies in the region on AI aligned with the 3IA objectives


Our topics

Explainable AI, Deep learning and Machine learning, Continuous learning, Federated Learning, AI biases, Ethical AI, Security and data privacy, Computing resource optimization, data constraints, Productization and AI deployment, Sustainable AI… among plenty others.


A sustainable AI for a sustainable world

Sustainability is key for today and tomorrow. It focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, from an environmental, social, economy and governance standpoint.


In this context, we want to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development goals by developing, launching and boosting AI-based solutions.


AI can indeed help industries, infrastructures, organizations supporting those goals:


• Pollution detection from satellite images, agriculture optimization, diminution of search engine or airlines carbon footprint…


• Provide safe digital infrastructure (cyber-security, fraud detection, self-maintenance…)


• Development and access to education, healthcare and medicine, smart cities…

Latest News & Publications

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Latest news
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14-16 April, 2022
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17 November, 2021
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17-19 November, 2021
We are sponsors of Sophia.IA Summit, Sophia Antipolis
August 2021
​ICAIR members contribute to an AI Ethical guide published by Numeum 
14 June, 2021
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A post by Joseph George, VP for HPE Industry & Alliance Marketing 
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